BBC Radio Kent -Today I talked live-on-air

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The “Brave the Shave” campaign by Macmillan is a hot discussion point as everyone has a valid opinion about it.

Selected by BBC Radio Kent -Today I talked live-on-air and gave my point of view on the Julia George show.

I believe your views count and above all we have a right to receive the dignity and respect we deserve. No person or organisation is perfect, how can it be when we all have an opinion.

Macmillan is a charity that sets objectives, aims and strives to inspire people and their success and achievements has resulted in Macmillan providing help to those in need.  During 2015 over 23,000 people helped raise over four million pounds for Macmillan and these sums of money are required in the fight for cancer.  It seems to me that Macmillan needs to learn some lessons from this campaign but I think we should be fair to Macmillan and remember to not bite the hand that assists us when we need help most.

So whether you are a supporter of the “Brave the Shave” campaign or a protester of it, your opinion is valid. I only ask that everyone take pause, reflects and considers how the world would be without the help that Macmillan offers us all.