February 2024

Lynda Boast from Erith

Thank you very much for coming to see me on a Sunday with a lovely collection of wigs. You put me at ease on what I was a bit nervous about. I’m really happy with my chosen wig and I am still wearing it and don’t want to take it off. My son and grand-daughter think it looks smashing. It’s a great shock when you start to lose your hair and now I am very happy with my new hair. Thanking you for all your help.

I wore my wig to my chemo this morning, the nurses thought it was wonderful and kept coming to have a look, they could not believe it was a wig.

May 2023

Anonymous from Ashford

‘Thank you a million times over for being so wonderful at what you do, you have made a such a difficult transition so much easier to deal with. You have a wonderful vision when ordering wig choices for people. You are a god send.’

April 2023

Anonymous from Woking

‘Thank you so much, both for a  brilliant result and for your kindness to my sister, her wig is perfect I cannot thank you enough.’

March 2023

Anonymous from Petts Wood

“Mum is absolutely over the moon with her new hair. You have made her so happy and I am really grateful as I can see her confidence coming back. Thank you so much for helping us.”

February 2023

Anonymous from Tenterden

‘It was so nice to meet you and try on wigs in the comfort of my own home. All who have seen my wig think it is great and two people think it is better than my own hair! I admire what you are doing and you are clearly helping many people at what is a difficult time for them. Thank you again.

May 2022

Anonymous from Tunbridge Wells

‘I just wanted to drop you a line and say my mum is getting on fine with the wig: It’s a game changer for her confidence when out and about. Thank you SO SO much for the brilliant product!!!’

April 2022

Caroline from Epsom

‘I am so pleased, I love my wig, it’s so good, I I love the colour, its been amazing as so many times friends have not realised I’m wearing a wig and really thought it was my own hair’.

June 2021

Mrs F from Folkestone

” I cannot thank you enough my mother-in-law is so happy with her wig, it looks amazing and so real. It has made such a big difference, she is much happier and more confident. The service was fantastic with such a large variety of wigs to choose from and so personal. Thank you again for all your help.”

April 2021

Mrs M (Daughter) from West Wickham

“I just wanted to thank you for making wig fitting such a painless experience for my mum. Mum has been wearing the wig everyday and she finds it so comfortable she has decided not to bother with hats or scarves. She has surprised a number of people by telling them she is wearing a wig, which speaks volumes for the quality and naturalness of the wigs you supply. Mum losing her hair has not affected her in the way I thought and I am sure that’s mostly because she was prepared and has had such a great experience wearing the wig she chose.

Thankyou so much for helping to make this bit of mums journey less painful/more comfortable. I suspect mum will have the best hair at my brothers wedding now”.

April 2021

Mrs M from West Wickham

“It was such fun trying different styles and having my husband, daughter and son being able to help me choose via zoom added to the fun.

I wore my wig all day and had no problems at all. Putting my wig on is now a routine part of getting dressed. I have had encounters with family and friends and they genuinely didn’t realise I was wearing a wig. Bearing in mind the savings I’ll be making by not having to go to the hairdressers until my hair grows back and the confidence it gives me when I go out, I think it was a very modest investment. Thank you so much and won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone I think might benefit from what you can offer. ”

March 2021

Anonymous from Maidstone

“You are doing such a lovely service Katherine. It means so much to my mum and families in our situation.”

November 2020

Mrs C from Hythe

“Just a thankyou for your visit today, really over the moon with my new hairstyle, it feels really lovely and I’ve had lots of compliments from the family plus how well the style and colour suit me”.

October 2020

Anonymous from Chislehurst

“Katherine was a pleasure to deal with. She could not have been kinder or more helpful. I would recommend her to anyone with complete confidence.”

October 2020

Mrs C from Ashford, Kent.

“Hi Katherine, just to let you know I am very pleased with my hair and wearing it all the time. Have had quite a few compliments as it looks so natural. Thanks again”.

August 2020

Anonymous from London

Dear Katherine, Thank you for your time today it was a pleasure to meet you. I appreciate you coming such a great distance to see me, you were wonderful calm and kind and it’s such a lovely service you give for woman in need.

March 2020

Anonymous from Chislehurst

It was lovely meeting with you today and thank you for a really nice experience with the wig. I am really looking forward to getting familiar with my wig!

August 2019

Anonymous from Romney Marsh

“I can highly recommend Katherine at Panache Wigs to anyone who is considering getting a wig. Katherine has a really friendly personality and immediately put me at ease. She came to my house and met with me and my family, allowing me to try on many different wigs until I found the style I liked. At no time did I feel rushed or that any of the questions I asked were silly! Her prices are extremely reasonable if you compare them to the price you would need to spend in hairdressers to style and maintain your hair over the year to the same standard as a wig. I am very pleased with the service I received and I know I will use Katherine again in the future.”

July 2019

Mrs Marguerite Bracher from Wittersham

“I am so very pleased with my wig, I have had so many compliments. My wig really looks good and very natural. It is obviously good quality and everyone says they cannot believe it is a wig, even my doctor commented on how real it looks. Katherine is definately the right person for this job – you just tell her what you want and she brings it to your house!”

March 2019

Anonymous from Kent

I have had so many comments about how nice my new hair do looks! It’s a long time since I’ve felt so good about it all so I just wanted to say thank you again for giving me the courage to take the plunge!

February 2019

Mrs B from Sittingbourne

Thank you so much for today, you made everything so easy for mum. She hasn’t stopped raving about you!

August 2018

Mrs P from Tunbridge Wells

I am delighted with my wig! I feel liberated as I don’t have to spend time styling my hair. It has made a great difference to me. It is absolutely fantastic – I look 10 years younger!

June 2018

Mrs M from Surrey

“Thanks again for making what could have been a really difficult experience into one that was positive, relaxing and comfortable. Your positivity shines through and it was so lovely to meet you. There was no pressure and we felt completely at ease with you straight away. Thank you so much for all your help. You have a great business and are
an inspiration”.

March 2018

Anonymous from East Kent

“I just wanted to thank you for today. You made it so easy and both my husband and I are delighted with my new wig. Thank you so very much, you have really changed my life.”

January 2018

Carol S from North Kent

“What an amazing service Katherine provides! I recently had a bad reaction to a biologic drug for my psoriasis which made me very ill and sadly my hair fell out. A friend discovered Panache Wiigs and sent me the link. I had a wonderful afternoon, three good friends and my husband were there to help me choose, such a great selection and wonderful quality. Did not feel rushed and I am so happy with my choice and ready to face the world! My friends were equally impressed too. I feel so confident now after the shock of losing my hair, and absolutely love my new hair! Thank you so much Katherine”.

September 2017

Lorretta from Crawley, West Sussex.

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for visiting me yesterday with a fantastic selection of wigs. It was nice to have my sisters, daughter and partner present so that I could gain their opinions and input and it made what could have been a bit of a daunting process a fun and enjoyable one.

I cant begin to tell you how relaxed and at ease I felt by being able to choose a wig in the comfort of my own home with my family around me.

I am absolutely delighted with my wig.

Everyone has complimented me saying I look fantastic and that the wig looks so natural. I would not hesitate to recommend you, your products and your service to anyone in a position of needing a wig or even wanting one just for a change of style!

My sincerest thanks to you.

September 2017

Anonymous from Eltham

I wanted to thank you for your support and help yesterday.

I cannot describe to you, the joy of seeing mum smiling; of feeling “different”. She’s not smiled like that for a long time.

July 2017

Mrs E from Sevenoaks

“Thanks so much for coming to a very wet Sevenoaks this afternoon. I am delighted with both of my wigs and it will help me get through the next few weeks. Thanks also for answering all my questions.”

June 2017

Mrs G from Tenterden

What a success your wig is! Utterly brilliant – thank you.

May 2017

Mrs M from West Wickham 

“Hello Katherine it was an absolute delight meeting you. My hairdresser trimmed the wig and was very impressed. I kept it on and wore it all day. I visited a friend who thought I’d come straight from the hairdresser! So thank you for all your help. I think you are an inspiration and I am hoping positive things will happen as a result of this journey. I wish you continued good health. Fond regards”

March 2017

Mrs P from West Sussex

I cannot thank you enough for coming all the way to West Sussex with your wonderful wigs. I was a big decision to make, but the one I chose has been the most fantastic success. I have had so many compliments on how I look, how it suits me and importantly on the wig itself. The whole experience has been amazing. My family were the first to see the “new me” and they loved it, they were so enthusiastic it gave me the confidence to face my friends, with such heart-warming results. Losing your hair is distressing and takes away your self respect but now thanks to my lovely wig I feel a new person and can only say again an enormous thank you.

March 2017

Ms K from Kent

I first enquired with Panache after loosing my hair to a blood infection caused by hair die. As you can imagine it was a horrible experience to lose something so prominent to your appearance, but Katherine made me feel like there was light at the end of the tunnel. Katherine came to my home and brought all her samples, I showed her photos of what my hair should’ve looked like and we decided on what would be best. I ordered my wig, it took a week if that and I love it. I feel whole again! I have since bought another of which is a different shade to alternate. The wigs are very comfortable and secure on your head (even with the roof down on the car on the motorway) and are made of such a good quality you would not know it was a wig.
I will be thoroughly grateful to Katherine for her comforting and fast approach to something so traumatising.

February 2017

Mrs T from Thanet

Thank you so much for your kindness shown towards my mum yesterday.She not only looks 10 years younger, she is back to her old self. What could have been a stressful situation turned into a very pleasant afternoon for which I am very grateful.Thank you

February 2017

Mrs O from Whitstable

It was lovely to meet you and thank you so much for everything. I love my wigs.

January 2017

Mrs S from Sittingbourne

Just wanted to say thank you for your time on Friday. Mum is really happy with her new look. Lots of positive comments some thought she had her hair cut, its given her confidence back.

December 2016

Mrs L from Eltham

The wig has been a great success and really helped me come to terms with my hair loss. So thank you very much.

Anonymous from Bromley
November 2016

“Thank you very much for coming yesterday. You took all the stress out of what could have been a frustrating and upsetting time trying to find the right wig. You are a very compassionate, patient and professional lady, but at the same time can have a little fun. I will highly recommend your wonderful variety of wigs.
Again Katherine, thank you”.

Anonymous from Westerham
October 2016

My friends wig ‘looks fabulous she is totally thrilled’, “Thankyou for finding the perfect wig and providing such a wonderful service.”

Mrs P from Biddenden
August 2016

A superb service!!! It was great to be able to choose a wig in preparation for my chemo in the comfort of my own home. Katherine was sympathetic, having experienced hair loss herself and was helpful in offering advice. I also felt no pressure to buy as I think I may have done in a shop. I wish her every continued success in her business. I would recommend this service to anyone undergoing hair loss. Thank you once again.

Mrs C from Bromley
June 2016

5* service all the way. Truly truly faultless experience. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Katherine to anyone needing this confidence booster. She has worked miracles xx

Mrs H from Kent
May 2016

Thank you so much for visiting my mum at my house today. You were very generous with your time and kindness. She is a very happy lady and I’m so grateful you’ve put a smile back on her face. She’s really pleased with the choice of wig. You have a unique business and it was a pleasure meeting you today Thank you again, I’m sure we will meet again.

Mrs S from Kent
March 2016

Thank you so much for making what could have been a very difficult situation so comfortable and reassuring. your approach and empathy was just amazing and actually mum enjoyed her afternoon and we think the wig is perfect.

Mrs C from Maidstone
March 2016

Thank you Kathy for the wig fitting. It was a weight off my mind getting that sorted. I did wear it the next day for a trial and was surprised at how comfortable I felt in it. I use the wig each day and absolutely love it, thank you so much.

Mrs D from Welling

September 2015

“Thank you Katherine for your empathy and understanding. We both discovered that our long treatments with Chemo and Herceptin were very similar. Losing my hair, even my eyebrows and eyelash, was an extremely traumatic event. The variety and quality of the wigs you showed me is exceptional. I am delighted with the one I chose. I really appreciated you coming to my home. I think the service you offer is truly needed.”

Mrs G from Canterbury
August 2015

“Having Katherine who has been through hair loss,cancer and chemotherapy herself and survived, visit me at home for the evening I found to be very therapeutic and a wonderful experience.. After the terrible shock of hearing that I had cancer and realising i was going to lose my hair, I felt as though there was a light at the end of the tunnel after Katherine had visited me. She talked to me about her experiences, answered my questions about chemotherapy and hair loss/regrowth and found me 2 realistic wigs that matched my own hair colour and style. ”

Mrs L from Faversham
July 2015

“It is a really lovely service that you are providing. You are a beautiful lady and its wonderful that you are such a positive role model. I will recommend you to others if I get the chance”

Mrs B from Hawkinge
February 2015

“You are worth your weight in gold, you were very kind and you spent so much time with me helping me choose a wig”

Mrs W from Gravesend
February 2015

I just wanted to thank you for the friendly and professional service you provided to me yesterday. Having someone come in to my home who was willing to spend time with me while I ummed and erred my way through the wigs was invaluable. It was also nice to speak with someone who has been through all of this already and can relate to how I am feeling.

“Losing my hair has been a very traumatic experience for me but as I was able to buy the wigs from you yesterday I took the plunge tonight and had my head shaved and I am now the proud owner of two new hairdos.”

Mrs V from Tenterden
December 2014

“Thank you so much for coming to my home to have a wig fitting and to put my mind at rest with what i am about to go through.”

Panache Wigs Testimonials