A pause for thought

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Hair loss is often in the media associated with cancer but what of the myriad of other lesser known causes? There is a strong awareness of Alopecia, but not so much is said of patchy hair, thinning hair or hair loss linked to stress for example. Additionally, I wonder just how many medical conditions or medications there are with a link to hair loss? But I am missing some people out of the thought process here. Who knows how many people suffer with hair loss for unknown reasons? Whatever the answers or reasons and whether you experience a temporary or permanent loss of hair; it is the mental challenges required to overcome that is even less talked about. For some individual’s there is the feeling of guilt for losing their hair and this is just one possible feeling of a multitude of other emotions that could be experienced. So, without further ado I hereby salute you brave individuals for enduring these challenges and applaud you for your magnificent efforts in coming to terms with hair loss whatever the reason (or unknown reason).